Kudat, first Sabah capital at the northern tip of Borneo

From Kota Belud, I hopped onto another taxi (1 hour, RM12) to Kota Marudu (another market town, once a resistance to British rule), where I switched to another taxi (2hr, RM10) to Kudat.  Kudat was the first capital of the protectorate established by the British North Borneo Chartered Company.  It is an ethnically mixed town of Muslim Bajau-Sulusk and Chinese traders, surounded by long house villages inhabitated by Christian Kadazandusun Rungus tribe.  Kudat was only capital for 2 years before water shortages forced the shift of capital to Sandakan on the east coast.
Kudat is today a sleepy town.  Found most shops closed.  I had quick lunch here and walked around before taking a taxi (3 1/2hr, RM 25) back to KK.  Kudat is near Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, which is the northernmost tip of Borneo.  Had contemplated going there but it was raining heavily and I decided to head for KK instead.