SgTravelCafe at Marymount View - TWC presenting Georgia in the Caucasus: Land of the Golden Fleece

On Friday 13 Feb 09, I hosted another session of the monthly presentation. This time I presented my 2000 trip to Georgia: Georgia in the Caucasus: Land of the Golden Fleece. Kwang Meng, who was there in 2008 just one week before the war with Russia, also presented his trip in this fascinating country. I wonder how is this country now after the disastrous war with Russia.

As a result of my recent press reports, many more people attened the monthly gathering. Usually, we get about 25 to 35 people but this time we had 49 participants! We already suspected this when 30 people signed up on the forum. From past experience, we have to add another 10 to the number of people signing up. So my place was like a fish market. Very loud! I hope my neighbours wouldn't complain.

It's good that we have more new members. There will be more exciting exchange of views and travel notes. Good for the community, but we would need to find new gathering venues too! Hope there will be more offers of venues going forward.