The mess in Guinea-Bissau

Frederick Forsyth has some exciting stories on how the president was killed - he didn't die when his palace collapsed, was shot after dragged out of ruins, and then chopped to pieces at his mother-in-law's place. 

Last February, when I was there, I passed by both the old destroyed palace (damaged in an older coup) and the flashy new one, now apparently destroyed too in the latest mayhem. The people were generally friendly but the place very sleepy and quiet, that is, until the latest mess

Author stumbles on Guinea-Bissau drama

Frederick Forsyth
The double assassination could have come straight from a Forsyth thriller

Author Frederick Forsyth has told the BBC of his surprise to find himself in Guinea-Bissau on the day the president and army chief were assassinated.

The British writer flew in to research a new book as the country was plunged into a drama that could have leapt from the pages of one of his thrillers.

The Day of the Jackal author told of the "bizarre" events as renegade troops "rather slowly" killed the president.