Hye Kia Nam Li Tang Yeo Wui 泰家南旅同乡会

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Hye Kia Nam Li Tang Yeo Wui


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The Hye Kia Nam Li Tang Yeo Wui, (泰家南旅同乡会), literally meaning the Tai Jia Southern Travel Same-Village Association, is a clan association whose members originally came from the Tai-jia Village, Wen-chang County, Hainan Province (海南省文昌县泰家村) of China.  Commonly known by its members as Nam-Li (南旅), the association was officially registered as a society on 23 September 1937, although a 1974 document says that Nam-Li was already functioning in 1934.  Its first premise was at 12 Seah Street....(continue at the above link)