Of Zhou Yu (周瑜) and Cao Cao (曹操) of the Three Kingdoms (三国)

This is what I get from a Facebook quiz:
Wee Cheng took the What Dynasty Warrior Character Are You ?? quiz and the result is Zhou Yu
Cool, Calm, Confident, Sense of Art, One of Briliant Tacticians and General of Wu ================================================= Zhou Yu is the first and most important Wu strategist. A close friend of Sun Ce, he helps him rid his land of attackers under the command of Yan Baihu, Wang Lang and Liu Yong, who fight along with Taishi Ci. They are soundly defeated, and Taishi Ci joins Wu. Zhou Yu's greatest accomplishment in the games and original is the victory at Chi Bi, which he planned with a fire attack on Wei's ships. Although in the novel defeat seemed unavoidable due to the direction of the wind, causing Zhou Yu to become very sick, Zhuge Liang arrived and offered to reverse the direction of the wind. Zhou Yu sends Huang Gai to launch fire boats at Cao Cao's navy, which set it ablaze. Zhou Yu then orders a counterattack, forcing Cao Cao to flee.
A student remarked:

 Gareth Goh at 12:46am April 4
haha sir. zhou yu FITS you to perfection man. bombing techniques would only be fit if we had your adventure like lifestyle. haha. keep everyone posted with your latest overseas escapades! :)
I added these remarks:

 Wee Cheng Tan at 6:44pm April 5
I once thought I would like to be a Cao Cao 曹操 and conquer the world. As it turned out, I prefer to seek my own little Dong Wu (东吴) at a faraway corner.


Unknown said…
I think you want to be Xiao Qiao