Qing Ming 2009

Went to Wan-Fo-Lin temple at Bedok where the ashes of my paternal grandfather and Uncle "Jia-Jiang" were kept, plus those of other relations.  Look at the interesting food and paper offerings.  The former includes vegetarian chicken and pork dishes, the latter, Macdonald's burgers, mobile, chocolate, etc. 
We also discussed stories about how the departed sent messages and requests to the living via dreams.  I was reminded of the old story of how a great-grand-uncle who was an early pioneer to Nanyang requested for offerings from grandfather through dreams some decades ago.  This great grand-uncle had gone missing in Nanyang, probably as a result of an untimely death and the family has continued to burned paper offerings to him since his appearance in grandpa's dreams many decades ago.  Grandpa himself departed in the late 1960s and we have continued this tradition since then.