SgTravelCafe presentation on 17 Apr 09 (Marymount View)

Yesterday, Marymount View played host to this month's SgTravelCafe:
"Cycling in Japan. 3 Months. 3,000Km" by Cheng Chin Yuen
Brief Moments Presentation:  "The Curious Case of Benjamin Keiji Ogami, the one legged former Japanese-American WWII detainee in Massawa, Eritrea" - by Tan Wee Cheng
About 37 people turned up. Definitely more manageable than the 50 during past two sessions.
Chin Yuen presented yet another wonderful session on his many exciting travels and insights into life in other countries.  During his 3 months journey in Japan, he had travelled to all 4 main islands of Japan.  He entertained us about the hospitality and kindness of the many  ordinary Japanese that had hosted him and showered him with drinks, food and snacks.  He told us about his adventures at a spectacular crater lake and playing pilgrimage at some of the 88 pilgrimage temples of Shikoku.  Well done, Chin Yuen!  We hope to keep in touch with him and wish him good luck in his next 3 years of more adventures in Australia.
Wee Cheng also did a Brief Moments presentation on the extraordinary life of Benjamin Keiji Ogami, a 80+ year old crippled Japanese-American he met in the dilapidated, war-scarred city of Massawa, Eritrea. See for details.