SgTravelCafe at Marymount View 8 May 2009 (Nokia Mobile images)

Another session at Marymount View.  We had 36 attendees.  Not bad - crowded but manageable.  Tristian See presented the third of the Brief Moments series on "La Volcan Pocaya de Guatemala", about his trek up Pocaya Volcano in Guatemala, Central America, and how his shoes were totally ruined by the molten lava.
The main presentation of the month was by Eunice Yang - "One Month of Adventure in Borneo - Sabah and Sarawak".  A remarkable account of her intrepid adventures in the many national parks in these fascinating East Malaysian states.  She told us what a miserable time she had climbing Mt Kinabalu in the rain and the interesting times she had in Sandakan, Kinabatagan River, Mulu National Park & the Pinnacles, Rejang River basin and Bako National Park.
We also welcome Andy Nicholas, who's finally back in Singapore after his U of Hawaii education and an adventurous time in West Africa.