Whither the Conservative Majority

The so-called Conservative Majority" is a delusion. Just go to Geylang & Havelock Rd "KTV Central". The CM is a neocolonialistic plot to turn SG into a theocratic state. What are "Asian values"? Any ex-NS-men would have heard of if not participated in the weekend Geylang "choon-ing" trips; As a veteran of the local and China business scene, I have seen way too many weekend god fearing Singaporeans behaving like boys in the candy-shop when they step into a KTV, especially whenever they are in China. The CM is a myth and hypocrisy. The true real Asian values - and global values as well - are tolerance and diversity, and the fundamentalists want to eliminate these.


Unknown said…
Didn't spend much time in understanding what is CM. However, the idea to say majority value could be very stupid. Every one can have his own value no matter what the majority think. That's the modern society, or 和谐社会 in Chinese