Coro, Venezuela's first colonial capital & an UNESCO World Heritage Site


From Merida, I got onto an overnight bus to Coro, Falcon State on the northwest coast of Venezuela. Coro was the first capital of Spanish Venezuela, before it was eventually moved to Caracas. Its history has bestowed the city with a number of Spanish colonial buildings, many of which are well-preserved. Today, Coro is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, though I have found its historical core zone rather small (perhaps less than 1 sq km) and some structures within the core modified for modern use. I visited a few of the churches (the interior somewhat barer than expected, perhaps the result of many wars and conflicts in the past) and museums within the core colonial zone.  The city is located in what is a rather dry coast with huge sand dunes in its northeast suburbs.  Even then, it rained in the late afternoon, which turned the city streets into sudden streams of mini flash floods.