Puerto Ordaz - Ciudad Guayana: South America's fastest growing city

Jungle began to disappear and we saw more decent shops as we got closer to Ciudad Guayana. Mobile signals also began to appear. Had lunch at small town of Guasipati. Reached Puerto Ordaz, the rich part of Ciudad Guayana around 4pm.  Fired by commodity prices and Asia's demand for steel and heavy metals, Ciudad Guayana is growing very fast.  Frank said this is South America's fastest growing city.

Frank drove us around to see the dam that supplies electricity to Brazil, and the huge malls of the city. Many condos and private bungalows. The Orinokin Mall is enormous – over 1km long! Lots of brand names. Very American.  Things were not cheap at the mall. Food quite expensive.  About SG food court prices or more, and service very slow. It took them half an hour to do my grilled chicken rice and it tasted horrible!