Finding the remote

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Where is the most remote place you've been and what inspired you to go there?

- Timbuktu, Mali - the city that has come to represent remoteness.
- Rapa Nui / Easter Island - the nearest land is many hours away by air. I flew there on a 5 hour domestic flight from Santiago de Chile.
- Ghat, Libyan Sahara near the tri-border region of Libya, Algeria and Mali. Most people here are Tuareg tribesmen. Amazing 10,000 year old prehistoric rock paintings of giraffes, hippo, cattle and all sorts of animal life in a Sahara that used to be an inland wetland.
- Leticia, Colombian Amazonian city on the border with Peru and Brazil
- Kulusuk, East Greenland - this village is remote even to most Greenlanders. I was quoted $2000 for a domestic flight to Nuuk, the capital on the west coast of Greenland.
- Murmansk on the Russian Arctic Ocean - bright sunshine & crystal clear blue skies.
- Mulnaq on the Aral Sea, Uzbekistan - full of rusty ships on dry land.
- Nagaland, Northeast India on the border with Myanmar, where the people look Chinese.
- Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. Very sleepy capital full of ruins from the civil war 10 years ago.