An imaginery sms conversation

Have you discovered the missing link between water, Ferghana Valley and the Eastern Turkestan Liberation Army?
Just go to Gate 5B of Seletar Airbase, ask for the unmarked plane belonging to Tajikistan Airways.  I will tell you more when we meet at Conference Room 2 of the People's Majlis in Dushanbe.  Just bring along the key to the Treasury of Mazar-i-Sharif.


Tan Wee Cheng said…
Just watched GI Joe. The movie began with the powerful arms maker Mars Inc, having an important base in Kyrgyzstan where they make the most powerful weapon in the world, the nano-mite. This must be the first time the country is featured in a Hollywood movie.

So, perhaps, we should head for Osh, Kyrgyzstan instead.