The Origins of the Teochew and Hainanese People & their Links with the Hokkiens (II)

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From: Tan Wee Cheng

Most Chinese surnames have their origins in the plains of Yellow River, Henan Province. That's why we were all Henan ren at some point in history and then got all confused and mixed up in different places across China over the last 2000 years, before landing up together again in the tiny red dot here in Singapore. Along the way, we spoke different languages and dialects but now landed up in SG with the current generation forgetting all the dialects and ended up speaking English and Mandarin, the latter incidentally is closest to the Chinese spoken in Henan today - which was where our ancestors started off!

From: Victor Yue

Hi Wee Cheng,

Kamsiah for the detailed post. Wah .. and if we trace further .. we could be from somewhere in the north, mixing our way south? (^^) Which leads us to trace, say, the Tan Clan (Chen) .. the origin could be way up north, just like the Lau (Liu). Would there be any pure-blooded Min or Yue people left? (^^)




Some Min and Yue were forced to move west, settled in the southwestern china mountains