Ouagadougou@Marymount View 28 August 2009

Another exciting meet of the Ouagadougou.
Photos courtesy of Tony Tan of Betel Box.

Some of us... as usual, only 10 confirmed attendance, but suddenly 20 turned up. Someone commented that this session of Ouaga is being turned into a Sgtravelcafe without the presentation.

Two readers and a yawner. Off to a quiet start


The book is out.

The Nomad.

Treasure house shots!

The Monocle Man.

Kitchen chores

The Lady and the Book. Plus Wee Cheng's home-made sangria. She looks happy (and perhaps a little high).

Let me tell you about the book!

Drinks drinks drinks

Drinks drinks drinks

Garry looks excited. Is he on the football pitch?

So stylo... Very 花样年华

Gabriel still awake

A point to make.

Haha...my book. {I must stuck in my stomach}.

Qing Ru puts on the Monocle face.... And Yew Leong has a strange smile.

Gabriel articulating the concept of Dream Land.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. Let me share with you news from Prestor John, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

Kevin explaining to Alvin how to prepare Vietnamese mooncakes.

Joon Yee sharing the secrets of dentistry with Dennis in exchange for the fine art of accounting.

Wee Cheng distributing Indonesian kueh lapis while promoting the sights and sounds of amazing Somaliland.

Getting late, but the last group only left at 3:30am, breaking all records.

Andy explaining to Geordie how he survived an armed robbery in Ghana and spied on Nigerian scam-men in a cybercafe. He had just put in an application to CIA. Please keep this a secret.

Pondering over difficult issues... how to save the world from recession, climatic changes and bad movies.

The remains of the day. Pieces of Vietnamese mooncake and pear.

More philosophical musings... about organisational architecture, organisational culture, structural conflicts and other topics too tedious at 2:30am! Or indeed at any hour of the day and night. Kelly looked very serious while Matthew was smsing away.

56 minutes ago

Matthew continues to sms while Wee Cheng spoke about difficulties of getting Libyan visas.

Finally, Matt stops smsing and smiles.