Vietnamese National Day & SG-VN Relations

2 September is Vietnamese National Day!
SG-VN relations have never been closer.  NUS Business School where I work has many VN students. It looks like 10% or more of each class is Vietnamese.
Looking at the close relationship between SG and Vietnam today, it is bewildering that in the 1970s, 1980s and part of the 1990s, SG and VN were political enemies.  I still recall, during the 1980s when I began reading world news in the papers, SG & VN govts called each other bad names, accusing each other of being puppets of either US or USSR...
Both countries are great historical neighbours, and most Singaporeans don't realise that Ho Chi Minh City is nearer to SG than BKK or Brunei. Both nations shd continue to build on this closeness and historical relationship...maybe ASEAN integration is not a dream after all.  May the friendship between the two countries last forever!
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