Another exciting weekend in Singapore - Ati-Atihan, Thaipusam, Chinatown

I don't understand it when people complain that there is nothing cultural to do in Singapore.  There are tonnes of activities going on if they bother to get themselves involved in organisations, look out for events in the papers or sign up for the numerous cultural mailing lists.  Yesterday, I had a great time attending a guided tour of the Ramayana Exhibition at the Peranakan Museum, then headed less than half km away to the Singapore Art Museum where there is a Filipino Fiesta ongoing - took a few photos of the colourful Ati-Atihan procession.  Not too faraway is the annual Thaipusam Festival procession - more colourful and grander than ever before.  I had to meet ET in Chinatown and so had to rush to the MRT.  In any case, I managed to take a few nice photos.  Chinatown has been transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours.  Chinese New Year fair is on and the place is just so crowded.  Perhaps people also feel better now that the recession appears to be receding.  I also had wonderful pigs' trotters soup and sour vegetable soup at the Chinatown Market Food Centre, then watching a 1950's black and white classic at China Square Central.  What a wonderful day!