A box of souvenirs and trinkets

Found a huge box I haven't opened for over 8 yrs at parents' place. In it were paintings, embroidery and souvenirs I have long thought lost or entirely forgotten about.


Let me do a partial inventory list:
1) An Andean embroidery from Ecuador (have wondered for a long time where this had gone to) depicting Andean village scene, with llamas, peasants, cactus, sheep, etc
2) a simpler Ecuadoran mat depicting the condor and two ladies in traditional costume
3) a colourful checkerbox Peruvian shoulder scarf with many llamas
4) a rug of unknown origin - motifs of cats, dogs, birds that look like the Guatemalan national bird - quetzal, crocodiles and strange tribal symbols - maybe this was from Guatemala, but the little man on it looks more Amazonian tribal.  There is also a tribal shield there that looks more African but I hadn't done Africa in 2002.  The back of the rug reveals knots that appear more Middle Eastern than Latin America. Mystery!

5) a printed image of an Orthodox icon from Ukraine

6) a strange stone egg with pink lines of unknown origin

7) a wrist band with Turkish evil eye...blue of different shades...pretty.

8) an Egyptian papyrus depicting the creation of the world and the daily cycle of life

9) another Egyptian papyrus depicting gods and kings

10) a print of St George the Dragonslayer on cloth, perhaps bought from Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

11) a Turkish blue china plate

12) Oil and frankincense from the Church of Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

13) souvenir elephant from Thailand

14) a box of two green balls with panda motifs and a pin depicting Tiananmen

15) a pin with a Swiss stamp

16) a hair pin jewellery piece from Morocco

17) a Tibetan prayer wheel bought in Chengdu, Sichuan

18) a plastic souvenir of the Church of St Paul, Macau

19) an another image of St George the Dragonslayer from Syria

20) a gaucho cowboy hat and saddle souvenir piece from Uruguay

21) a Russian doll

22) a medal with images of Lenin and Stalin

23) miscellaneous Eastern Orthodox trinkets

24) pins from Penjikent, Tajikistan

25) cork of a wine bottle from Cricova, the wine capital of Moldova

26) set of card with classical Chinese painting scenes

27) Mao pins and lots of coins

28) small containers of rose syrup from Bulgaria

29) a lion seal from China

30) a Chinese bamboo scroll saying "Everything According To Your Wishes"

31) many Chinese scrolls and fans with poetry and traditional scenes - why did I buy these?  That must have been a phase I went through in the 1990s when I was in China for business... the interesting one is a famous poem by patriotic Sung Dynasty general, Yuefei, Manjianghong

32) a Nubian drum piece from Abu Simbel area in southern Egypt

33) figurines of the Egyptian falcon headed god, Horus

34) prints of old maps and paintings from The National Gallery, London and other places