Afghan, Turkmen & Palestinian Pavilions at the Expo 2010

Some pavilions, to me, are more interesting than others, solely because of the peculiar circumstances of these countries.
The Afghan pavilion proclaims the country "The Heart of Asia - Land of Opportunities and Resources".  Besides displaying artifacts and some archaeological finds in the pavilion, they also have nomadic tents which the Chinese visitors had fun posing in, as well as a number of stalls selling anything from Afghan jade, handicrafts, apricots and assorted local produce.  There is no indication whatsoever of the ongoing conflict.  Some not-so-worldly Chinese visitors may even be tempted by the landscape photography and exotic tentages to go there for an exciting holiday!
The Turkmenistan pavilion is a display of the dictatorial state's industrial might, natural gas industry and great leader, together with his works in numerous languages.  The country's Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs may even tempt you to invest in this land of the future...if only one can conduct legal due diligence on the spot:)
Welcome to Palestine, land of history!  I watched a 8 minute documentary at the pavilion, which showed briefly Israeli oppression, then followed by the historic foundation of the Palestinian National Authority, together with the PNA's achievements...images showed happy farmers, hi-tech R&D work and modern factories and workers on production lines.  Nothing about the endless political troubles, civil conflicts between the PNA and Hamas, war with Israel, etc.  The pavilion also has fibreglass models of Jerusalem and the Rock, plus display panels introducing one to the major cities of Palestine and the tourist sites.  I love that poster for Gaza City, with idyllic fishermen and hints at beautiful beaches and exciting city life.  Nope, I didn't see any recruitment poster for blockade-busting aid ships.