Flight to Tuvalu aborted!

Engine problems emerged after flying 2hrs. Flight turned back to Fiji merely 15min from landing in Tuvalu. Two fellow passengers said their flight 1 month ago was turned back after hitting an eagle. Last week, another flight was delayed due to engine problems too. Will Tuvalu be my 190th country?

Why didn't the plane continued the last 15min to Tuvalu and opted to fly back to Fiji instead?  If they had landed in Tuvalu, they would not be allowed to take off without repair. But this is the only plane that flies to Tuvalu, and there are no aircraft technicians and maintenance team in Tuvalu. So repair can only take place in Fiji. No choice but to fly back to Fiji - that is their argument.

Lots of confusing messages now. They may only be able to fly on Thu early morning. If that is so, I am likely to abort my trip to Tuvalu, unless I can return to Fiji before Sat (when I have to fly to Samoa).

Posted via email from Nomadic Republic2