Wee Cheng to speak at The Arts House: 3 June 2011

New Word Order: Tan Wee Cheng

Friday, June 3 · 
 - 9:00pm

Living Room (Level 2), The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane

Stir up your wanderlust at this insightful session of New Word Order, where travel writer Tan Wee Cheng will share with the audience about who and what inspires his travels and writings. 

He will chat about what he seeks through his travels and his works, as well as how writing has influenced the way he travels and vice versa. Also, find out all about the challenges of writing while on the road, as Wee Cheng lets you in on some of his most unusual travel observations and experiences over the past decade.

Date: Friday, June 3, 2011
Time: 7.30pm – 9pm
Venue: Living Room (Level 2), The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane
Admission: Free

Bio: Tan Wee Cheng is a self-professed travel junkie who has been to 196 countries and territories over the last two decades. He is listed in the 2008 Book of Singapore Records as the most well-travelled Singaporean. He is also the author of several books about his travels: The Greenland Seal Hunter (2004), Hot Spots and Dodgy Places (2009) and Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places (2010), published by Marshall Cavendish. 

Wee Cheng has worked in the financial sector and is currently a university lecturer. He has a weak spot for controversial places and a tendency to get into minor troubles, such as getting accosted by corrupt police in Bulgaria, Guinea, Mali, Togo, Kyrgyzstan and the rebel state of Transdniestria in Moldova. He has survived a road accident in Albania, floods in Ecuador, getting mugged in Jerusalem, St Peterburg and Bucharest, caught up in a riot in Burkina Faso and scuffling with a Cypriot gangster and Liberian ex-child soldiers. 

You can find out more about him at weecheng.com

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