Ancestor Roots - Last 2000 Years (Further Qualifications)

Let me warn that there are some parts where I have to do further research... I have made some broadbrush estimates that have to be further verified

1) It was unclear which year Hugong, the first great ancestor, was declared the Duke of Chen, but the records seem to indicate early years of Western Han, i.e., 200 BCE (i.e., B.C.). But upon a 2nd reading just now, the sources seem to indicate that was much earlier during the Warring States era. I have to re-read those classical stuff again.

2) I am also unsure when Chen Xiaoxian, another ancestor was appointed governor of Qingzhou though the records say it was during the Han Dynasty. Hence, for the time being, I assumed the mid-dynasty year of 1 C.E. (i.e., A.D.). 

3) The records were vague about when the family moved to Fujian from Zhejiang but indicated it took place during the chaos of the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Hence I assumed 500 C.E. (or A.D.) which is mid-point of the period (420-589 C.E.)

4) The move to Fujian might have taken place in stages, with Chaozhou in eastern part of today's Guangdong Province as a family residence during the period between 317 and 500 C.E. The records hinted at that but I have to search further to verify it. The family might have been part of a military bureaucracy that got sent initially sent to the then wild tribal regions of Guangdong and later Fujian to crush ethnic rebellions and enforce assimilation.