Putian & Meizhou: Pilgrim's Route

Crazy day. 13 changes of transport today. Xiamen to Putian by High Speed Train (CRH), taxi to Wenjia Jetty to take ferry to Meizhou Island. Got onto motorbike to Mazu Temple (mistake! it's so near), free drive-around on island bus, then paying bus to jetty. Take ferry back to Wenjia, then taxi to Putian city centre for walkaround. Another taxi for 1.5hr drive to Chongwu Walled City. Motorbike ride to Chongwu bus station after sightseeing at Walled City. 1.5hr bus ride to Quangzhou City, switched to taxi to CRH station in Quangzhou. Then CRH train back to Xiamen.