Taiwanese hospitality

I started experiencing Taiwanese warmth and hospitality in Fuzhou yesterday, at the Taiwanese ferry company where the counter girls were so courteous. Now I am enjoying that friendliness and sincerity on Taiwanese soil. I'm reminded why I really love this place.

Taiwan is everything that Mainland isn't. For the Mainland, firstly, I think the Cultural Revolution has destroyed much of the traditional values and respect for fellow humans. Secondly, today's Chinese communism is a system which is corrupt and greedy, and yet hypocritical. It is anything but communist, proletarian and democratic, which it proclaims itself as. The Mainland society of today is the product of these two influences. Having said that, I have also met many nice people on the Mainland...

As for Taiwan, much of the traditional values were retained and yet the negative aspects of feudalism were weakened by industrialisation and modernisation. Furthermore, democraticisation has cultivated tolerance for minority and disadvantaged groups, e.g., indigenous people, the handicapped and gays/lesbians.