Wuyishan: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Wuyishan may look more than half way there to an alpine resort town but it needs to do more in terms of software. Barely one day and I have already encountered 2 dishonest and pushy drivers in a row, and poor and over-priced meals and services. In Swiss resorts, I may pay much more but I get better service, good quality food and (seemingly) sincere smiles. I have brought forward my flight back to Xiamen.


Many restaurants in Wuyishan proclaim that they have game food (野味). But Wuyishan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of both natural and cultural significance. If they claim the game meat is farmed, that will diminish their value in the eyes of the Chinese clientele. Hence they claim the meat is brought in from outside the reserve. Whatever the case, most visitors to Wuyishan are domestic and they do not care...