Xiamen: Ancient Port City & Vibrant Economic Centre

The last time I went to Xiamen was to entertain business associates over New Year's day, and we spent most of the time half-drunk with baijiu in dodgy night clubs and cabaret shows. I look forward to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many cultural and natural sites in the province of Fujian the next one week. 


Xiamen has a BRT instead of a MRT. BRT = Bus Rapid Transit. They build road bridges that are only accessible to BRT buses which operate on only a few routes and solely on these bridges. They are just like MRT/metros elsewhere but have buses instead of trains. Maybe a low budget version for a city with less than 2 million inhabitants - less than many Chinese cities. 


I hear more Putonghua than Minnan/Hokkien in Xiamen. The effect of mass popular culture and tourism? This felt like any other city in China. 


Xianen's map shows a Taiwan Folk Custom Village. I can't imagine many Chinese go there now that they can go to Taiwan as tourists. And I wonder what they have there. Tribal girls singing 阿里山的姑娘? Or Monga residents singing 爱拼才会赢? 

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