Ruoergai Grassland 1: Gahai, Maqu & Huahu 若尔盖草原 (1)

In Langmusi, I joined a wonderful group of HK and China travelers who have been travelling in this region in a car. Over the next two days, we travelled in this region of high swampy plateau. Yaks, sheep and nomads everywhere, flanked by gorgeous snowcapped peaks. We made our way to Maqu county (玛曲县) by the banks of the Yellow River. We also visited picturesque highland lakes such as Gahai (尕海) and Huahu (花湖), which were famous for their bird life. We spent the night at a newly opened, luxurious hotel complex built right under a hill at Tangke (唐克), where one enjoys a spectacular panoramic view of the first nine bends of the Yellow River (黄河九曲) from a single spot.