Voodoo Kingdoms And Dodgy Places

My latest collection of travelogues and third in the "Dodgy Places" series is out in eBook format (read on Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, etc). You can purchase them from Amazon.com and Smashwords.com

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Travels in Timbuktu, Burkina Faso
& Other West African Lands
by Tan Wee Cheng

Voodoo Kingdoms & Dodgy Places is intrepid traveller Tan Wee Cheng's latest collection of travelogues and third in the "Dodgy Places" series.  Follow him to West Africa, the land of Timbuktu, the very epitome of remoteness, and of the enigmatic voodoo kingdoms in Benin and Togo. He was mobbed by former child soldiers in Liberia, caught in a riot in Burkina Faso and chased after desert giraffes in a Nigérien taxi. He watched mysterious Dogon sacred dances in Mali and attended a voodoo ceremony in Benin where the gods searched amongst the audience for someone to "rape". 

Tan Wee Cheng is a self-confessed travel junkie who has been to over 200 countries and territories over the last two decades. His first three books were The Greenland Seal Hunter, Hot Spots and Dodgy Places and Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places(revised edition of The Greenland Seal Hunter with significant new content, stories, photos and maps), published by Marshall Cavendish.

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Text Copyright @ 2012 Tan Wee Cheng & Marymount LLP
Published by Nomadic Republic
An imprint of Marymount LLP, Singapore
All Rights Reserved
Ghana: Fancy Coffins & Golden Stools  
Côte d'Ivoire: Humpty Dumpty & Cocoa  
Liberia: The President's Blood Diamonds  
Sierra Leone: The Supermodel's Blood Diamonds  
Senegal: The President's Dodgy Statues  
Cape Verde: Drake's Forgotten Rampage  
Guinea-Bissau: The Palace Has No Roof  
The Gambia: The Admiral of the Navy of Nebraska  
Burkina Faso: Almost Busted in Ouagadougou  
Niger: Giraffe-Safari In A Taxi  
Benin: Voodoo Kingdom & Male Sex Slaves  
Togo: A Dictator Crowned By God  
Mali: The Timbuktu Cat Eaters  
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