178 UN Member States, 6 Defacto States and 35 Territories = 218 Entities So Far...

As of today, I have visited 178 UN member states, 6 defacto states (e.g., Taiwan, North Cyprus, etc) and 35 Territories (e.g., Curacao, Cook Islands, etc), or 218 in total.  The full list can be seen here:


Where to go next is frequently an issue on my mind. Unfortunately, many of the remaining countries are often difficult to reach, especially those in civil conflict or located in remote areas.  The plus point is that I have, in recent years, cultivated a healthy interest in archaeology, and do enjoy revisiting countries and spending time visiting obscure places that I hadn't visited on my earlier visits. However, even then, I do hope to add a few new countries or political entities every year apart from revisiting older ones. And for my big trip in Jun/Jul 2015, I have decided to visit Mauritania, Western Sahara/Southern Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.  Mauritania and Tunisia would be new UN member countries for me, but the rest are revisits.  I will elaborate more on my journey in later postings.