Friday, April 18, 2008

Kasubi Tombs of the Buganda kings & other images of Kampala

After I returned to Kampala, I visited the Kasubi Tombs of the Buganda Kings, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Very small. Buganda was the largest kingdom that existed on Uganda soil when the British took over the region as a protectorate. The king of Buganda that reigned at the time of independence also became Uganda¡¯s first president. However, he clashed with Prime Minister Obote over various issues, including Buganda¡¯s autonomy within Uganda, and was eventually overthrown by Obote, who made himself president and abolished all the four traditional kingdoms within Uganda.
Uganda in general has heard of Singapore, mainly for 2 reasons: 1) Singapore is sometimes held as an example of a country that has succeeded in development. 2) In 1971, President Obote was overthrown by Army Chief Idi Amin when the former was in Singapore attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.
Tomorrow night, I fly to Rwanda.

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