Interview "Between Us" on Radio 938Live 9pm Tue 20 Nov 2012

14 Dec 2012: Bangladesh by Sun Yifan / Arakan/Rakhine State of Myanmar by Jeremy Goh [2 Attachments]

12 Oct 12: Falkland Islands by Lynn / Uruguay by Madidas

Sgtravelcafe 14 Sept 12: Kashgar & Torugart Pass by Dounut ; Western Cameroon by Wee Cheng

10AUG12: A Californian Roadtrip -Frederick Lee /The Danakil Depression - Youmuren

Voodoo Kingdoms And Dodgy Places

Next Gathering: 13 July 2012: South Thailand by Guohua ; Arirang Festival by Tristan

Qinghai Lake (Kokonor) & Kumbum Monastery (青海湖与塔尔寺)

Xining & Huzhu Tu Autonomous County (西宁与互助土族自治县)