The Singapore Pavilion is an embarrassment, to say the least!

Today, I visited Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, North Korea, Laos, Yemen, Palestine, Papua New Guinea & the Pacific, Caribbean...

上海是个好地方 (apart from being Facebookless) to Expo site now

Ready for the Expo queues; Yes, in Shanghai & no FB for the week!


In Dalian now; but can't access Facebook here:)

More of Shenyang

Heading for Dalian tomorrow

Mr Li US California Beef Noodles

Begging Franchise?

Just reached Shenyang (沈阳), one of China's largest cities

On North Korean-Chinese border town after 8 hrs bus-rides

Pleasantly surprised by the amazing Manchukuo Palace Museum & Sino-Japanese War Museum

Taking the train to Changchun, Jilin Province

Have been having very unhealthy, salty and greasy food since Sunday

I prefer the old days when games mascots were real animals

Still can't access Facebook; Posting through

Guess what? Met another Singaporean in a remote area

Just arrived in rainy Harbin after overnight train

Food so far

Smoky cybercafe in Mohe

Day 1: Beijing: Friends & Olympic 2008 Monuments

Back in Mohe, on to Daqing on Overnight Train tonight

In Mohe on the Russian Chinese border (correction)

In Mohe on the Russian Chinese border

Manchuria beckons...

Big Journey Again: Dongbei/Manchuria and Central/South Pacific (May - July 2010)

4 days to the Russo-Chinese Border!

The Mother Tongue Debate